Established in 1969, as the first manufacturer of antibodies in Japan; MBL Life Science is a leading life science company focused on providing solutions for researchers in the drug discovery, research and clinical diagnostic fields. 

MBL offers clinical diagnostics and research reagents associated primarily with the analysis of autoimmune disorders, cancer, gynaecological and infectious diseases. Products are widely used in academic research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospital and clinical laboratories.

Their range of highly cited products include antibodies, fluorescent proteins, ELISA and other immunological assay kits and reagents. Supporting numerous research fields relating to immunology, oncology, apoptosis, autophagy, epigenetics and neuroscience, MBL is also known for its line of immune monitoring reagents, including MHC Tetramers and Monomers, as well as QuickSwitch™ products for screening peptides and neoantigens. In recent years MBL has been actively developing biomarker reagents and companion diagnostics, taking advantage of their strength in immunological and gene detection techniques.


Popular product ranges:

  • T-Select MHC Tetramers – a range of tetramerized Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules complete with bound antigenic peptide for detection of antigen specific T-cells. Includes Human and Mouse MHC Class I and Class II tetramers to measure targeted T-cell responses in infectious diseases, cancer and autoimmune disease.
  • Autophagy – a range of antibodies and kits for the detection of autophagy, including anti LC3 antibodies. LC3 is an autophagosome marker, known to localize to autophagosomal membranes during macroautophagy. Macroautophagy mediates the bulk degradation of cytoplasmic components in the targeted cell.
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