Revolutionising Anti Glycan Antibody Development.

GlykoGen, based out of Scotland, UK, aims to develop a pipeline of anti-glycan antibodies to target ‘hard to treat’ cancers, including pancreatic cancer, using an innovative and patentable process. Glycans are of interest in the study of cancer because they play a role in almost every biological process and are involved in every major disease.

GlykoGen will create, screen, modify and demonstrate the action of the antibodies against glycans found on cells linked to various cancers of the breast, pancreas, colon, lung, ovary and kidney. GlykoGen’s product pipeline includes unique rabbit antibodies which are not currently commercially available.

GlykoGen has developed a novel immunisation process which does generate antibodies to specifically selected glycans. GlykoGen’s novel antibody platform produces high affinity class-switched (IgG) antibodies that are specific to glycan antigens. This means that the antibodies have strong interaction (high affinity) with the glycan, a typical property of IgG antibodies.

Popular products include:

  1. Rabbit Anti-human SSEA-4 Antibody (clone E2-F8): Stage-specific embryonic antigen-4 (SSEA-4). The availability of this antibody will facilitate studies into SSEA-4 expression and function, both in stem cell biology and in cancer studies.
  2. Rabbit anti-3’Sulfo Lewis X Antibody (clone E2-B4): The availability of this antibody will facilitate studies into 3-SLeX expression and function, both in normal tissues and in cancer studies.
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