ECM Biosciences

ECM Biosciences, based in the US, holds an expertise in the area of cancer research, immunology, cardiovascular diseases and brain disorders. Under their brand name GOmAbs and other PhosphoAbs, their antibodies have high affinity, and work in multiple applications like Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation and ELISA capture. They have the following products to offer to their research clientele.

  1. Antibodies – Includes in-house tested, high affinity research use monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. The GOmAbs are mouse monoclonals that bind with high affinity and work in multiple applications. All applications tested are validated in-house and compared to scientific literature for expression level and localization.

The PhosphoAbs are phospho-specific antibodies that are affinity purified by cross-adsorbing to unphosphorylated peptide then affinity purified with the phosphorylated peptide antigen. All phospho-specifics are tested in phosphatase treated cells or tissues to demonstrate reactivity with only the phosphorylated target protein. Each phospho-specific antibody has companion phosphorylated and unphosphorylated peptide that is available.

  1. Kits – The Kits include Antibody Sampler Kits and Immunocytochemistry Kits that provide researchers with a group of antibodies, peptides, and secondary reagents related to specific protein families or areas of biology. These kits include half-size units of each antibody at a reduced price to facilitate testing of several antibodies useful for the customer’s research. The image below shows the configuration of these Kits. 
  2. Lysates – Includes cell and tissue lysates for use as positive control models for western blot.
  3. Peptides – ECM offers a line of peptides for use in ELISA and antibody blocking experiments.
  4. Secondary reagents – For detection of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies in applications, such as western blot, ELISA, immunocytochemistry, and immunohistochemistry.


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