Based out of Cambridge, Europe, Biorbyt aims to provide the best service to the global scientific community. They have products for various research areas such as Neuroscience, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Cell Biology, Developmental Biologics, Epigenetics, Immunology, Stem cells to name a few.

They have the following products as part of their product range.

  1. Antibodies – Biorbyt has over 900,000 antibodies. These include Monoclonal antibodies, Polyclonal antibodies, primary and secondary antibodies, tags and markers.
  2. Small Molecules  – Small molecules have huge potential as research tools and mechanisms for drug delivery. Small molecules include organic compounds, e.g. monosaccharides, lipids, second messengers and metabolites as well as synthetic molecules such as drugs.
  3. ELISA kits – With over 60,000 ELISA kits available, kits include human, mouse, rat, pig, dog, cat, monkey, horse, cow or viral kits. A wide range of sensitivities makes detection of the smallest sample size possible.
  4. Proteins – Over 60,000 top quality, laboratory produced proteins include active proteins and enzymes. Conjugated or unconjugated, validated proteins suitable for a wide range of research applications are available. Choosing Biorbyt’s validated proteins for your research saves time, effort and cost.
  5. Custom Services – Biorbyt also provides custom services such as Peptide Synthesis, Protein Expression and Purification, Custom ELISA Development, Antibody Conjugation, Lyophilization, Antibody Production Services, Buffer formulation services



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