Atlas Antibodies

Based in Stockholm, Sweden; initiated in the year 2006, Objective of Atlas Antibodies is to target every single Human Protein for study. The company was founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Atlas Project. Building on this heritage, Atlas antibodies provides highly validated, reproducible reagents that enable leading research in biology, diagnostics and medicine.

Their product range includes

  1. AAA Polyclonals – Atlas Antibodies Advanced Polyclonals (Triple A Polyclonals) are research-grade rabbit polyclonals developed within the Human Protein Atlas Project. Triple A Polyclonals are specific, reproducible and versatile. These include a range of over 21,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies covering 75% of the human proteome, and validated for IHC, WB, ICC-IF.
  1. PrecisA Monoclonals – Precise, accurate and targeted monoclonal antibodies. A portfolio of mouse monoclonal antibodies for use in a variety of research areas, validated for use in IHC, WB, ICC-IF. Cultured in murine cell lines, and use of stringent production process and characterization procedure, these monoclonals have a defined specificity, multiplexing opportunities, secured continuity and a stable supply. They also permit high working dilutions and contribute to standardized assay procedures.
  1. PrEST Antigens – Recombinant human Protein Epitope Signature Tags (PrESTs), are recombinant protein fragments, consisting of 50-150 amino acids, and are useful as control antigens, as blocking agents and positive assay controls, together with the corresponding antibody.
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