Cape Biologix Technologies

Cape Biologix Technologies, based out of Cape Town, South Africa, utilizes plant-based expression platforms to manufacture high quality plant-based proteins that are accessible and economical. 

Their transient plant-based expression platform provides a compelling competitive alternative to traditional expression platforms through its superior speed, quality, flexibility, scalability, and sustainability.

By taking advantage of their PtXPro and PTXTM technologies, they manufacture Plant Based Recombinant Proteins and Recombinant antibodies for Research and Diagnostic Applications, by turning thousands of plants into mini bioreactors.

They stand by the belief that increasing emergence and global spread of infectious diseases brought about by globalisation and climate change have made health management around the world more challenging than ever. While traditional expression platforms such as mammalian cell culture have brought the life sciences industry to where it is today, alternative systems are required to take it forward into the future.

Cape Biologix
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