Cyanagen, based out of Italy, founded in 2003, is involved in the design, development and manufacturing of following products.

  1. Chemiluminescent substrates
  2. Fluorescent Secondary antibodies and Fluorescent Labelling Reagents
  3. Protein Quantitation kits
  4. Buffers for Western Blot
  5. Protein Labelling CrossLinkers and Reagents
  6. Magnetic Beads
  7. DNA/RNA extraction kits


Cyanagen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemiluminescent substrates for Western blotting and ELISA/CLIA.

Cyanagen offers the manufacturing of CUSTOM OEM products according to clients’ specifications, of starting materials in bulk and customized kits, and also offers support in Analytical Validation Processes and for developing molecular diagnostics & biological assays.

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